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Sundays at Immanuel Baptist Church

Attending a church for the first time can seem a little intimidating. So, here's some insight on what happens at Immanuel Baptist Church on an average Sunday.  Sunday School begins at 9:45 am. We have classes for all ages. Please enter the Gaddy building and we will be able to direct you to your classes. Worship begins at 11:00 am. You'll hear a relevant biblical message and engaging worship. We believe that true worship connects our hearts to God and that God's Word is powerful and effective in changing hearts and lives. Worship is in the sanctuary. 

During the week at Immanuel Baptist Church

On Wednesday’s we have a catered dinner at 5:30 pm in the Family Life Center (center building of the three). Reservations are required by noon on the Monday before. You may reserve dinner by clicking here.  At 6:30, we have Bible Study for adults and various activities for all ages. We are have several other activities for different groups throughout the week. Please see our ministry page for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions concerning Immanuel Baptist Church. If you don't find your question here, feel free to contact us.

Where are you located?
Immanuel Baptist Church is located at 7375 Hodgson Memorial Drive in Savannah (behind the Oglethorpe Mall).  For more details on location, click here.

Where should I park?
Parking is available is front of our buildings on Hodgson Memorial Drive and at the office buildings that are connected to our parking lot. If all parking is full, additional parking is at the mall. There is a bridge that connects to our church.

How should I dress to fit in?
You'll find a wide variety of styles from "dressed up" to casual -it's all acceptable. Come as you are...we have no "expectations" for how you should dress.

What about my kids?
Your kids are welcomed and wanted at Immanuel Baptist Church!  All workers have been background checked. Preschoolers age 3 and under have classes just for them through the entirety of the worship service.

For ages 4-9, we have Childrens Church during the sermon portion of the worship service. Adult leaders will be ready to provide age appropriate games and lessons where they can learn about God.  This age group will be dismissed to go to the Family Life Center (Gym) during the offering.  Click on the links to find out more about our Childrens Ministry or Youth Ministry.

What is your worship service like?
Immanuel Baptist Church worship services are designed to be powerful and meaningful to your everyday life. We seek to provide a relevant, Biblical teaching and a blended music style that will encourage and challenge you in your spiritual journey. You can view some of the messages here.

Will I be asked to give money?
No. Our members and regular attenders give joyfully and generously to support the ministry here. If you feel God wants you to give, great. But don't feel any pressure from us.

How can I get involved in Immanuel Baptist Church?
There are many opportunities for you and your family to be involved at Immanuel Baptist Church. Sunday School is the best way to get started, but there are many ways to be active in the church. Just let us know what your interests are and we will do our best to find a place for you.

Do I have to be a member to attend? 
No, we welcome everyone to our worship services. We want everyone to have a relevant and meaningful worship experience with us regardless of whether they are a member or not.

How do I become a member?
Anyone is welcome to attend Immanuel Baptist Church, but many will desire to be more committed than just attending. That's what our membership at Immanuel Baptist Church is all about: commitment. Commitment to being a part of what God is doing in our midst, commitment to serve, commitment to being a vital part of this community of believers. Pastor Lane is available to assist in how to become a member.

What denomination is the church? 
Immanuel Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist affiliated church, which works differently than most denominations. Most denominations tell the church what to do, but the Southern Baptist Convention is a group of 40,000 churches who partner together to spread the Gospel through the US and the world.  By partnering with Southern Baptists for missions and other world-wide ministry efforts, we are able to offer not only our community, but other communities a culturally relevant worship experience as laid out in God's Word.

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