Visiting this Sunday Evening

Below, you find a current list of the different groups that meet Sundays at 5:30 PM. Some of our groups are ongoing, and some are classes with defined beginnings & endings. With the exception of groups for teenagers & children, all groups are open for anyone to attend.


    This study will guide you to sections of the Bible relevant to the emotions, worries, and questions you are dealing with going through grief. We like to think of the Bible as the owner's manual for life. It's a place where you can get real-world answers for real-world problems, including the death of someone special.

  • Sharing jesus without fear

    Ever wish you had an easy way to express to others the joy you've found in Christ? Ever regret not sharing the simple Truths because you were afraid?

    If you answered yes to either, you are not alone. Share Jesus without Fear can help you learn practical helps to present the compelling message of God's saving grace from author Bill Fay.

    Share Jesus without Fear equips you to communicate your faith in Jesus with confidence and without fear! This easy-to-use relational approach to witnessing teaches that you cannot fail in sharing your faith if you depend on the power of God for the results. Discover ways to guide a witnessing conversation without fear of failure or rejection.


    We are not meant to do life alone. Join us as we build relationships, grow spiritually, encourage each other in our daily walk with Christ, have others to be accountable to, and learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.


    Join us for evening worship in the sanctuary, with relevant Bible teaching to lead you toward becoming a fully-functioning follower of Jesus.


    Culture has changed. Church beliefs shouldn't.

    It's easy for our culture of individuality and innovation to shape the way we think about the church. With so many questions, opinions, and interpretations among people today--even within the church--what should we all agree on as essential to Christian faith?

    For more than 1,600 years the Apostle's Creed has united the church around core Christian doctrines as revealed in Scripture. This historic confession points us to the foundational beliefs of our faith and the life-changing truth of the gospel.

    This Bible study takes students into the foundations of Christianity for a closer look at what we believe, using the Apostle's Creed to help students grow in their understanding of the Christian faith, live as disciples of Christ, and experience a profound sense of belonging within the kingdom of God.

  • k'Motion - 4 yrs through 5th grade

    We know that childhood is one of the most transformative stages in life, and God wants to be the biggest part of it. Every Sunday night, our kids join together for an amazing time of fun and learning the Bible that is perfect for where they are in life.

    In K'Motion, we are currently using material from Lifeway's Bible Studies for Life: Kids, that provides an amazing experience of Bible study, games, crafts, and more!


    Your entire family is welcome at Immanuel!  Children ages 3 and under have classes just for them in our nursery during the entirety of our services. Our nursery is located on the first floor of the Gaddy Building, which is the building on the far left when viewed from the main parking lot.